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The Glide band

By: Earl.



Then get a bungie cord like shown


The first thing your going to do is to cut the bungee cord. A full bungee cord is too big and wont fit right. Make sure that the bungee cord isnt too loose or too tight. Make it so that it stretches easily onto the top of the shaft. Make a new hole on the side that you cut, and put the hook through. Connect the bungee cord to the top of the shaft. (There will be a little hole at the top). You first have to remove a black cover. Dont worry its really easy just use your hands. Then take the other end and put the hook under the peg. Not in the hole at the bottom of the peg, as close as you can to the shaft. There you have it, a mini Flybar/Glideband. Add as many bungees as you want or can . It wont work unless it is the correct length. If any problems or concerns, email

The Spring Go

By: Earl


Wow.... this one took a while to complete. But im finally done and im EXTREMELY happy with the results. this thing is badass. I took out the air chamber and added a master spring. In order to do this, i had to remove the pegs, remove the upper pass and move it to a different area, drill a big hole in the upper pass, screw in the pegs, and more stuff in which i dont want to tell you because i worked really hard on this. Figure it out yourself! I also sawed down the handlebars and put screws in the pegs so they dont fold up. I made my own custome shaft, consisting of 3 pipes so it doesnt bend. I also put a Flybar tip on it.


The new upper pass, you can also see the detail of the shaft i built...


The sawed down handlebars


The redone and reinforced pegs