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About Us

About Us
Stick Modz

Bryan and Earl first started The Pogo Cult  in 2004. It was only these two members at the time. The idea that these members had was to make a extreme pogo team based all around heavy metal and hard rock music. they were sick of listening to that crappy music thats on most of the pogo videos out there (most). most people ask why we dont add a different kind of music to our videos. its because the whole reason earl and bryan started the team was to make a team based around this kind of music. thats why we refuse to put any other kind.
The Pogo Cult has been around for two years. throughout these years, we have been through many members, and all of them sucked except for the original 2, which are Bryan & Earl. These are the permanent 2 members, we are no longer accepting new members.
We are proudly sponsored by Crunk!!! Energy Drink, they support us 100% and do what they can to help us out, and we try to promote them as much as possible. A big thank you to Kevin Doyle and Crunk!!! in general!

who are we? we are THE POGO CULT